Whitney Port Lingerie Pictures in Maxim, Yes, You Heard Me Right, Whitney Port in Maxim

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First, let me say, I don't know who Maxim paid to airbrush these Whitney Port lingerie pictures in the new edition of the magazine, but (a) they couldn't possibly have paid them enough for this epic level of re-touching, and (b) I'm definitely hiring that same person to Photoshop my 'Cabo San Lucas' nudes, the ones I often refer to as my best reminder never to eat the tequila worm again. Maxim's heavy hand with the Photoshop effects functions results in pictures that look just a tad like the Virgin Mary from Michelangelo's Pietà sprinkled liberally with party glitter.

Nevertheless, I remain a man who lusts Whitney Port. I know there's been a long-standing debate on this matter on Egotastic!, but I tend to favor HOT in most of these debates, plus I give bonus ogle points for sexy women who have a unique look, less cookie-cutter. These Whitney Port lingerie pictures are pretty damn hot. Airbrushing aside, the reality show veteran offers up a statuesque body, boobs, and nice bottomside that make the work of those effects people much easier. I invite you to ascertain your own feelings on this matter and we'll re-assemble after dark at the drum circle to share our highs and lows. For now, enjoy.

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