Rachel Uchitel Shows What Being a Quiet Mistress Can Buy

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Step one: knock boots with Tiger Woods. Step two: find other women to knock boots with Tiger Woods. Step three: Claim you know nothing about any of it. Step four: Porsche.

While the couple hundred other be-banging side ladies in the Woods' closet toil about for bits and scraps of cheap reality show fame, one must applaud the hot body, tight asstastic, and swift-mind of Rachel Uchitel, the one who spit in the eye of fame but swallowed up a reported $10 million in cash money for keeping quiet in the early days of the Tiger Woods scandal. Could I make the sexy for $10M? Yes, I could. Could I keep quiet about it after? Nah, I'm a talker. So, I must get back to real work, while Rachel Uchitel continues shopping for cars, jewelry, and furs. Enjoy.

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