Pirelli Calendar 2011; Somewhat Hot And Somewhat, Well, Um, Lame?


You know, one of the many highlights of the season for me is the release of the annual Pirelli calendar; that wall-mounted timepiece that used to sit on the walls of every auto shop from here to, well, there, and be ogled by the guys who made the cars move again. Over the years, the calendar has brought me and millions of others great joy at the sight of some of our favorite sexy celebrities showing skin as well as the sight of some less well-known hottie models. For some reason, this year, Pirelli picked fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld to produce and shoot the calendar and, well, he upped the artsy quotient by a bazillion, then went completely off the board by adding in half-naked dudes! I’m kind of speechless. Really, tears flowing from my eyes like a great unspoken sadness. I’m comforted only by the fact that not all sextasticness was removed from the calendar, including the likes of newcomer Heidi Mount (featured in the header), Lara Stone and Julianne Moore, and some other ogle-worthy female forms, which we’ve included for you here, but still. Et tu, Pirelli?