NEWSWORTHY: The Purported Miley Cyrus Nude (Covered) Picture


(Update: 12/03/10:: We’ve received hundreds of emails regarding real vs. fake on this photo, more than any other photos we’ve ever posted. While I’ve read all the anatomical arguments AGAINST, seen all the elaborate CSI break downs FOR, I’m prone to believe that this is likely not Miley Cyrus, but if it is a fake, it’s fairly elaborate so nobody should feel bad either way. It’s worth noting that the blogger who originally broke this story wide is now retracting his story. It’s also worth noting that he didn’t provide sources for breaking the story or retracting the story. Our friends at WWTDD really have summarized the sort of FOR side pretty well if you’d like to read their synopsis. I’d also note that there have been a number of high profile celebrity nudes via the cellphone in this past year or two and while almost all have routinely been referred to as fakes from the get-go, including many people pointing out definitive physical reasons why the photos must be fake, many have ultimately proven to be the celebrity in question. Some folks are prone to noticing photos disappearing from this very site. That doesn’t happen by accident.

Again, apologies to those disappointed at only seeing censored photos in this post. Just not going there without definitive ages, real or fake. I’m sure most of you have heard of a company called Google if you’re really determined. Just be careful out there.)

(Update: 12/02/10: We’re about 60-40 convinced that this is indeed a photo of Miley Cyrus taken in her Madrid hotel room, perhaps the same night that she was spotted with Corona in hand, note the similarity in hair. However, the gray cloud here is that this would date these photos, oh, a few weeks before her recent birthday, which means, stars have to stay on. Sorry ’bout that for all who are writing in with a thirst for uncensored news!)

(Update: 12/02/10:: Here’s the ‘JFK Assassination’ type drawing board zinging about the net now to ‘prove’ the authenticity of this Miley Cyrus nude picture. I’m not sure it proves the validity of the picture, but I admire the level of work!)

(Update: 12/02/10:: I’m reminded by many emailers the reason for no visible ‘Just Breathe’ tattoo is the photo is taken in the mirror so you’re not seeing that tattoo area to begin with. Make of that what you will.

Also, to those writing in upset that we’re not posting the uncensored version of this photo, apologies. We have very few restrictions as to posting hot female celebrities on this site, almost none really, but age and type of photo is one. Write your Congressperson!)

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Well, it’s been an interesting past few hours for Miley Cyrus and her expose of exposures. This image is flying around the digisphere faster than any urban legend I’ve ever seen and we present to you as a matter of public interest.

It’s purported to be a Miley Cyrus nude picture taken by the throaty pop star herself in her hotel room, for which there is about as much evidence FOR as there is AGAINST. In either case, the stars on these pictures have to stay on, sorry, based upon a very close set of dates.

We’ll modify/update/delete this story as new information becomes available. Expect fluidity on this newsworthy matter.