Molly Sims Bikini Pictures Rounds Out Our Day of Cabo Sexy Celebrities

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I've come to the conclusion these past couple of days that I ought to be in Mexico. The ridiculously sexy lineup of celebrities baring their boobs and buns in the Cabo sun is turning me green with envy (partially blue, but mostly green). The last I can suffer, and she is worth suffering for, Sports Illustrated swimsuit hottie and Las Vegas actress, Molly Sims. She gets paid to wear bikinis. And, when not working, she wears bikinis. I love a girl who takes her work home with her. And, speaking of jobs, somebody is down there sunscreening all these celebrities hard bodies and I badly want that job. Not that I don't love this work, but spreading Coppertone on the pasty white dude who spends way too much time in the office hallway pretending he's not texting his overbearing girlfriend is just not the same. Close, but not the same. Enjoy, Molly.

Photo credit: Splash News / INF Photo

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