VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Purported Kesha Muff Diving Photos Cause Internet Un-sensation


The things I do to honor my ‘journalist of the year’ award from my middle school newspaper. Yep, I broke the story behind what was really in the beef stroganoff being served in the school cafeteria. It was a dirty job; but that’s my investigative credo, doing the nasty so you don’t have to. All of which leads me to these Kesha muff diving pictures. These appear to be from the same set of photos that we posted this past summer of Kesha-gets-the-goo (seen below). There’s very little sexy about these photos; there’s tons wrong. So eerily reminiscent of the stroganoff. Celebrity behind the scenes is not always pretty. Try to enjoy.

Who can forget the precious baby-talking pop star receiving her pearl necklace? I can’t. I’ve tried. Trust me.