Kendra Wilkinson Topless Party Stripper Slides Right Into Home (VIDEO)


Well, don’t look at me to discount the feelings of millions of women who look to Kendra Wilkinson as a mom and a role model, personally, I wouldn’t want to see my mom stripping at parties, though I would say that most of my role models are women who love to get hella naked in public. We are not here to judge on Egotastic!, you know, lest we be judged ourselves, in which case, we’d be in big trouble. We are merely here to ogle sexy celebrities and hot bodies and big boobs and such things as Kendra Wilkinson topless party stripping, because, well, it’s simply impossible not to. Enjoy.

(Okay, to be fair, this party stripper moment was before marriage and baby, and, Lord knows, if anybody was foolish enough to pay me a couple shekels to shake my moneymaker, I’d have my clothes off in half a second. Zero offers as of yet.)