Inna Just Can’t Be Contained, Nor My Lust (VIDEO)

My lust affair with Romanian craptastic pop singer, Inna, continues its odd infatuation; it’s almost inexplicable why I find myself drawn to this Eastern bloc Fergie, but I can’t stop ogling her. Whether it be in silly sexy photoshoots, or even watching her live performance of Deja Vu at a concert in Madrid this past weekend (see below), I just can’t get enough Inna. I’ve got the reasons narrowed down to three possibilities: her amazing boobs, her hot body, or me just spending way too much time alone in a dark office. I’m guessing it’s probably a combination of the three, but, seriously, how do I cure myself of this massive Inna crush?

Inna performing at the Premios 40 Principales 2010 in Madrid: