Thank God It’s Fun Bags: Holly Peers Bares The Boobtastic for End of Week Salute (VIDEO)


This Friday morning I’m reminded of a fable from an ancient philosopher from Greece or Nepal or maybe Milwaukee, I can’t exactly remember.

Two men wander through the desert, worn, tired, dying from thirst. Let’s call them Lame Dude and Egotastic Dude. They come upon a rather stunning vision, a gorgeous young woman, completely naked, holding a canteen filled with fresh water. She tells the men that they have a choice, they may drink the water from her canteen and live, or, they may have her, I mean, have her, and subsequently die from thirst. Lame Dude grabs for the canteen, takes a deep swig of the refreshing water. For his part, Egotastic Dude turns down the canteen and proceeds to make absolutely dirty love with the amazing specimen of womanhood. He does so with such extreme passion and gusto that the hottie beats the ground with her fists, the earth itself opens up, and a geyser of fresh water shoots up into the sky, providing Egotastic Dude with a limitless supply of water.

Lame Dude asks Egotastic Dude how he knew that he would be saved. Egotastic Dude replies that he had no idea he would; he just didn’t want to live in a world where you turn down a hot woman.

As you ponder your own priorities this end of week, check out the super sexy Holly Peers, in ths simple, but lust-inducing photoshoot video for Nuts magazine and ask yourself this: if you’d come across Holly Peers in the desert, would you have chosen the water?