Erika Mitdank Flashes the Full Argentina (VIDEO)


We can’t go much further south in in Latina exploration than to Argentina where we find super hot model and celeb d’ jour, Erika Mitdank, a popular sexy splash across the pages of Maxim and, in this case, Playboy, and seen doing some kind of dancing (see video below) on Argentinean television that puts our Dancing with the Stars to utter shame. I think Erika Mitdank is actually dating the dude she’s dancing with, apparently he’s some celeb down Buenos Aires way as well, and he’s upset at how many nude photos and videos of her are showing up all over the place. In contrast, we are quite pleased. Please say bienvenidos to Erika Mitdank, a new member of the Egotastic! Sudamericana family. Enjoy.

Why don’t they have this kind of dancing shows in the U.S.?