Emma Watson And Her Hair Will Grow To Sextastic Proportions in The Coming Year

Okay, I know one of the big controversies of this past year was the ridiculously sexy Potter-babe Emma Watson shearing her hair without much regard for ten million tug vaults suddenly being robbed of their prized ginger possession. And, I know Emma Watson is currently attending one of those Ivy League schools where being hot is considered indecent to your gender and 110% of the gals are experimenting with their butch side (oh, if only dorm cameras were mandatory). Still, I’m in the Emma-Watson-remains-one-of-the-most-desirable-young-celebrities-on-the-face-of-this-third-planet-from-the sun camp. These Emma Watson pictures from a Mariano Vivanco photoshoot are testament to the power of her sexy bomb, and as her hair grows back in 2011, expect all sorts of tingling feelings to return betwixt your taint and your navel and do remember to say I told you so. Enjoy.