Did AnnaLynne McCord Lip Slip Turn ‘Gun’ Naked? (VIDEO)


I imagine a whole lot can go wrong when having sex with 50 Cent. Even in a fictional scene in a movie, stuff can go sideways. What’s not totally clear is whether or not the quick-cutting cameraman and editor on the movie Gun maybe caught something unexpected (and quite delightful), an AnnaLynne McCord lip slip. You know I’ve already got a big lust crush on this sexy 90210 vixen, so the chance to see some bare lady nest, even in freeze frame, well, it might just untick my ticker. Despite a number of Egotastic! readers insistence that they’re ogling the McCord minge, I am inclined to believe we’re seeing some dirty movie-essential skin colored thong bunched up in the persimmon adjacent area. Still, where there’s hope, there’s happiness. (Also, where there’s AnnaLynne McCord and her tight asstastic in black lace lingerie, there’s uber-happiness.) Enjoy.