Anna Chapman Nude Leaked Photos for Erotic Espionage


They don’t make super secret agents the way they use to. Back in my day, it was the spies who were taking discreet snapshots with their secret cameras, not boyfriends snapping the spies naked in the bathtub. Welcome to modern day espionage. Anna Chapman, the spy who shagged lots of dudes but didn’t seem to get any information for her homeland bosses, has been exposed fully in these Anna Chapman naked pictures courtesy of her ex-beau. There’s nothing really ridiculously sexy about these photos, you know, beyond the obvious boob and lady nest parts, but, they’re a reminder that the Cold War died years ago, and now we live in a world where nymphomaniac spies bang their targets just for the fun of it. Not a bad trade-off. Enjoy.

(Thanks to Egotastic! reader, ‘???????’ for the head’s up on this.)