Angelina Jolie Asstastic On Display in Production Still from ‘Wanted’

Let’s get this out of the way: Angelina Jolie looked unhealthily skinny in the pretty damn awesome movie, Wanted, where she curved bullets in the arc of my former pilates instructor, Rudy Tutone, and his Peyronie’s situation. Still, despite desperately needing a sandwich, Anglina Jolie was hot. She was gun-toting mama hot. She was 98.6 degrees of Brad Pitt stealing vagina hot.

Now, we get an even closer look at the amazing Angelina asstastic from that film, courtesy of a production still that highlights her sexy crack lights. You can see the scene in the movie from about where this still was captured, as it has captured my eyes for the past three to four hours of zombie like man stare. It’s truly a bottom that spanks itself. Enjoy.