Ana Beatriz Barros Lingerie Pictures Will Compel You To Buy Bras and Panties from Victoria%u2019s Secret

As you know, I spend several hours each week secreted in the corner of our local Victoria’s Secret checking out the new styles in ladies undergarments. I’m a veteran, every few minutes I call out to a random woman not with me, ‘Hey, honey, you almost done?’ Yeah, I blend. It’s sort of my obligation as roving lingerie reporter for an entirely made up fashion magazine I like to call Lacy Things on Hottie Minge. Every now and then I will take a few sample silky things to the counter, being sure to tell the salesgirl, ‘Boy, I hope my long time wife likes these.’ It’s hard just to window shop at Victoria’s Secret.

Now seeing the ridiculously sexy Brazilian supermodel, Ana Beatriz Barros, pimping lingerie for V.S. like almost nobody else can. Her super hot body barely clad in little bras and panties and frilly things that are the only type of clothing on women that men universally agree actually serves some purpose. Me and my credit card are rendered defenseless. Enjoy.