Amber Heard and Odette Yustman Suntan in Bikinis in ‘And Now the Darkness’ (VIDEO)

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After recent lust-breaking news that the ridiculously sexy Amber Heard was indeed more into Butch than Sundance, well, it'd be easy to start stringing together a tiresome, and never-ending run of carpet munching jokes about Amber Heard and whichever sexy actress she was ever seen alongside, either onscreen or off. However, that just seems so cliche, so tiresome, so, well, so me.

In the new movie And Now the Darkness, which I've yet to see (but if we go off the fact that movies with important sounding titles are 93% likely to be awful, you can bet this one might just be stinker), Amber Heard and the brunette hottie, Odette Yustman bike through Argentina on bikinis until something awful befalls them. Rabid gauchos or something. But, in the interim, they get to slink down to their bikinis and sunbathe their tight sexy bodies in this most sextastic film clip. Enjoy.

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Here's the two sexy ladies at the premiere of And Now the Darkness. No, they're probably not getting it on. But, yes, I am thinking about them getting it on right this second.

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