A Girl Known Only As Elle Leads Nuts Lineup for 2011 (VIDEO)


Sure, you got Madonna. Beyonce. Jewel. Shakira. Sade. One named celebrities who I’ve dreamed of doing unspeakable things with during my somnambulatory walkabouts to the fridge to find assorted chilled fruit. (And, yeah, I added Sade, because I’m old school.) Now, say hello to Elle. So, maybe she can’t sing or dance or make horrible movies, but she does have an amazing pair of fun bags and has been dubbed by Nuts magazine as one of their best girls to watch out for in 2011. And damn if those cheeky British boob masters didn’t release the video of her photoshoot before 2010 is even out. Much to my delight. Because I think Elle and I are going to have a beautiful relationship in the coming year, beautiful, endearing, and lots of sleepwalking for chilled fruit. Enjoy.

(Updated to add (01/06/11): Thanks for Egotastic! fan ‘Lee J.’ for identifying “Elle’s’ full name as Loretta Elle Basey. We’ll still probably call her Elle, but being formal gentlemen, we like to know proper names.)