Miley Cyrus All Grow’d Up: An Egotastic! Happy 18th Birthday Tribute (VIDEO)

Wow, how time flies. Miley Cyrus, our hot but spastic minxy mischief maker has turned eighteen. An adult now, by conventional and, somewhat notably, legal standards. It seems like just yesterday our little Marlboro voiced baby was finding her way in the Egotastic! world, awkwardly exposing body parts to the world from beneath wardrobe only loving parents could design.

I had planned a number of extraordinary tributes to the newly bequeathed barely legal status of our belusted Miley Cyrus on this, the anniversary of her birth, but I became so overwrought with complex emotions that I found myself unable to complete my task. Thusly, I challenged dear Cousin Jonathan to spend precisely 18 minutes building a visual diary of Miley’s innocent years, now officially a bygone era, like so many rag dolls slathered upon piles of sugar and spice. I hope this brief, but touching tribute video moves you as it does me; and maybe you too will be compelled to write Miley Cyrus a sweet and thoughtful a birthday card, such as the note we’re sending off to Toluca Lake by messenger this very morning:

Dear Miley Cyrus,

Happy 18th Birthday. Time to get hella nekkid.



Oh, blessed day.

Watch the Tribute Video:

(Note: If you live in a blessed nation that won’t allow you to watch this video on YouTube due to the music, you can view it on our home server . Give it a few runs if it doesn’t work at first.