Lily Cole All Freckly and Naked and Birthday Wishy All-Over


We get many birthday requests here at Egotastic! For some reason, not many for mom or grandma, but lots of people writing in seeking a shout out for the anniversary of their birth. Of course, we can’t possibly publish all of these, we’re sexy boobs central, not Chuck E. Cheese birthday party headquarters; however, we do post some from time to time and often get asked which birthday requests are more likely to get published. Well, based upon this post, here’s one example:

1. Be a girl. We like girls more than boys. Way more.
2. Give strong hints of lesbian affection toward a super sexy celebrity. The only thing we like more than girls is girls-on-girls.
3. Offer to send us sexy shots of yourself in your birthday suit (please see item #1 above before making this offer.)

Now, I can’t say that being a woman with Sapphic longings and a hot body and an offer of nude photographs is a guarantee of receiving a birthday celebration here on Egotastic!, but what I can say is, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHALIE R. FROM THE U.K.

(And bless you for being infatuated with super boobtastic, super ginger, super young sexy model, Lily Cole, who has never been featured on this site before, much to our shame. Enjoy these classic Lily Cole nude pictures from Paradise magazine.)