Have Boobs Will Travel: Kim Kardashian Knocks Boots With Halle Berry Ex Then Jets Back to N.Y. For Nipple Pokes

These Kim Kardashian nipple poke pictures tell me one thing: game on. This boobtastic hourglass Kardashian she-bot is on the prowl. Usually Kim Kardashian goes for an NFL player, or, you know, an entire offensive line, but the male model ex-husband of Halle Berry also kind of makes sense in terms of the conquest game. I know, I know, despite coming and going to the Lakers game together this past week, Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry are just friends. Cause if you’re a dude, having Kim Kardashian as a just friends kind of shopping and gossip buddy would be such a dream come true. And, if you’re a chick, who better to hang out with as just friends than some eye candy airhead male model. Yeah, makes sense… c’mon, people, somebody’s making a junk run on that Kardashian trunk fun! Count on it, and, enjoy.

Here, Kim Kardashian faces the stiff Manhattan morning breeze with some stiffness of her own:

And, the night before, Kim Kardashian, leaving behind L.A. and her trail of shame and tears and Trojanz wrappers.

Photo credit: Splash News / INF Photo