Katie Cassidy Topless Pictures in the Name of the Father (VIDEO)


If you’re mind is truly Egotastic!, when you read yesterday’s story about David Cassidy being arrested for DUI in Florida, you thought to yourself — Hmm, I wonder what his daughter’s boobs look like.

It’s how the Egotastic! brain is wired. We just can’t help it. So, without further ado, a brief but quite delightful look at the bare perky fun bags of the sextastic Katie Cassidy from Gossip Girl, seen here in the epically unseen movie, Live!

(A Public Service Message From Your Friends at Egotastic: Drinking is fun. We highly endorse it as everybody’s third or fourth most attended-to hobby. But please figure out a driving plan before you partake. For instance, here on Fridays, after I imbibe, Gretchen puts me curbside in a fetching dress with a sign around my neck that says, ‘Will blow for ride home’. Let’s just say, I always get home.)