Kaley Cuoco Twits Sexy Morning After Big Bang Pictures (with Bonus Hotness)

Big Bang Theory? I got your big bang right here, sister. How many letters have we gotten denouncing our dismal posting of the super blonde hottie, Kaley Cuoco. Well, 437 letters to be precise. Yep, I counted them all, because that’s what OCDs do. We count. And each one of those literary tongue lashings have been on point. Kaley Cuoco is a vastly underrated hottie. And, more to the point, she’s now tweeting pictures of herself looking all ‘morning-after-big-banging’ and that is doubly hot. Enjoy.

(Shoutout to Egotastic! superfan ‘Conor S.’ for these Kaley Cuoco fine-ass additions via Maxim earlier this year.)