Kaila Yu Sex Tape Is Tokyo Drifting (VERY NSFW) (VIDEO)


When we posted the delightfully sexy videos of recently introduced Kaila Yu last week, we had no idea (well, we always have some idea), that there existed in the webisphere a slightly more, well, adult version of this Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift Taiwanese-born hottie. Well, of course, we were downright shocked to see Kaila Yu at nineteen performing all kinds of naughty acts on camera. For shame, for shame. I mean, for good, for good. There’s nothing shameful about this film, well, me watching it while eating donuts and drinking a Diet Mountain Dew, perhaps less than classy. Still, from a very long tape which would crash our system, we cut down a 90-second abridged version of the low-video-quality cinematic debut of Ms. Yu. Enjoy.

(Viewer Discretion Advisory: this is a celebrity sex tape, not a double dutch jump rope tape or a ‘how to change your own motor oil’ tape. There is sex on this tape. Please don’t click on it then complain when you see sexual thingamajigs and doodads. Thanks.)

Watch the Very NSFW Video: