When Jennifer Garner Wears a Dress, I Become A Total Mess

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You know those movies where the teen dork girl gets all dolled up by her girlfriends and takes off her Coke-bottle glasses for the first time and suddenly looks stunning even though we've known all along that this teen dork girl was played by some super hottie actress we've been ShamWowing to for several years now? But all the girls in the audience still say ooh and ahh and start to cry because even the hot ones among them all felt like social outcasts and misfits in high school? Yeah, that moment.

Well, that's how I feel that one day a month when Jennifer Garner is forced out of her mom jeans and flannel shirts and into those little sexy numbers she keeps tucked away in her closet, somewhere near the memories of starring in Alias, back way past mementos of boyfriends not-named-Ben, there lies the form fitting apparel that looks ever so sumptuous on this MILF-in-hiding. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your neckline.

Photo credit: GSi media

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