Irina Shayk Is Hot, Seriously Hot

Okay, no newsflash here, supermodel is super hot. Still, Irina Shayk is one of those exotic models who can up her game to the next level of sexiness with either that special low-cut dress, seen here in these Irina Shayk red-carpet pictures from the Glamour Awards in Madrid, or in these sexy swimwear pictures for Luli Fama where Irina Shayk just looks all kind of beachy and pool hot. Dark, sultry, sexy, boobacious, outside of her ten-times-lucky ball-kicking boyfriend, there’s really nothing I don’t like about Irina Shayk. Enjoy.

Sexy Irina Shayk at the Top Glamour Awards:

Irina Shayk amazingly hot swimwear pictures for Luli Fama:

Photo credit: Splash News