Halle Berry Is A Woman Who Looks Hot With Short Hair

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Cousin Jonathan is a short-hair hater. We battled over Emma Watson, who, while I grant you, I wish hadn't chopped off her delightful ruby locks, still looks incredibly hot with her closely shorn mop.

When pressed to name another sexy celebrity who wears the short-do quite hotly, the name that immediately came to mind -- Halle Berry. Seen here in these premiere photos from the film, Frank & Alice, Halle Berry, veteran sexy bomb, shows that a beautiful woman with short hair, an amazing body, and a fantastic pair of hot boobs, looks, well, super hot, from bikini to red carpet. I can't even imagine Halle Berry with long hair, though I can easily imagine her naked on a bear skin rug next to the fireplace at the Hampton Inn room #207. So, you see, while some members of my staff are wastefully obsessed with hair length, I'm already several steps ahead, pouring the bubbly and making the sexy with the ladies. Enjoy.

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