MTV European Music Awards Roundup: Sideboobs, Cameltoes, Panties and Bras, Oh, My


The last time I was in Madrid, I drank so much wine that I woke up three days later in Barcelona with a headache and a credit card that had been maxed out to some company called ‘Easy Chicas Ltd’. If I’d been forced to attend last evenings MTV European Music Awards, I probably would’ve drank twice as much. The talent flown in for this Faustian festival resembled a jailbreak at the Alice Cooper reformatory school for girls.

Special nod to the almost barely legal Miley Cyrus, for the daily double of sideboobs on the red carpet and flashing a cameltoe during her EMA show performance that would make even the most veteran Bedouin blush beneath their robes. Other props to Eva Longoria, who doesn’t really sing or play music as far as I know, but still managed to pull off the bike-pants with panty-flash beneath a short short dress for the MTV EMA Egotastic! red carpet win, followed close behind by taut Goth teen queen Taylor Momsen flashing her black lace bra, Shakira baring her super hot Colombian little body, Katy Perry dressed as a ticket that apparently grants the bearer one lifetime of cockteasing.


(Shoutout to Egotastic! super fans, ‘Ramistheman’ and ‘Jason C’ for the Miley pics!)

Photo credit: Splash News