Emma Frain Topless Pictures Are Boobtastic Perfection (Egotastic! Exclusive from Frank White in the U.K.)


Wow, our budding across-the-pond relationship with Frank White Pictures is really paying off in, well, amazing boobs. This time one of our very favorite British hotties, Emma Frain, in an exclusive early look for Egotastic! readers, an early look at simple sextastic boobtastic awesomeness. If I sound all flustered and red-faced about these Emma Frain topless pictures, it’s merely because I’m flustered and red-faced ogling this woman. I’m not a man who hides his emotions, well, not lust at least, I pretty much do hide all my other emotions, but no man should hide his lust! Well, maybe around schools and parks so as not to get arrested. But, I digress. To recap: Emma Frain, hot, boobs, awesome. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Frank White / Emma Frain Official Website