Dany Ford Topless Pictures Come Upon Egotastic! Like a Breath of Fresh Hotness


¡Dios Mio! I’ve ventured into the heart of the Amazon and discovered the most amazing specimen of human hotness — Brazilian super sexy model Dany Ford in Sexy magazine (yep, Sexy magazine). Be still my lust-filled heart. OMG as the kids say. I’ve launched an Egotastic! all-hands alert for our Research Department (funded through a grant from NASA) to examine Dany Ford from top to bottom, with my own selfless self volunteering to handle the middle sections. I’m just that way. Giving to a fault. Say hello and Bienvenidos (yes, I know Brazil: Portugese, bear with my learning curve) to super sextastic Dany Ford. You will be seeing more of her. Enjoy.