Alison Brie Hotness Raises My Anetenna (VIDEO)

Mad Men is one of those shows everybody talks about, everybody tapes on their DVR, but it seems like nobody actually watches. But I do. I watch intently. Sure, there’s Christina Hendricks ginger buxom madness in play. But there’s also the quite delightful occasional addition of Alison Brie, beloved full-time sexy cast member of Community. Alison Brie is becoming one of those Hollywood ‘it’ girls that demands attention, and long lustful stares, and head nodding by guys as their girlfriends talk about how cute and funny she is while you’re thinking about how cute and funny it would be to have her alone and naked in a Phoenix airport hotel for like an hour. Maybe that’s just me. These Alison Brie pictures from Antenna magazine show the ‘safe for women, hot for guys’ dual threat of this sizzling actress. I’m looking up Phoenix motels on Expedia as we speak. Enjoy.

As a primer for those not familiar with the Alison Brie ‘body of work’, here’s a replay of her Complex magazine photoshoot from earlier this year. We just love it.