Alessandra Torresani Will Likely Kill 10,000 Fanboys With This 'Hustler' Song (VIDEO)

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I have no clue what the story is behind the super geekboy lust-princess Alessandra Torresani and her friends amateur karaoke music video to 'I'm a Hustler, Baby', but I do know this: buy stock today in companies that produce hand lotion because a bazillion fanboys are about to set their love phasers to 'fap' when they get a looksee at Miss Caprica in her bra getting all jiggy with it. I kind of get Alessandra Torresani hotness, not fully yet engaged upon it, but I do know that the lust factor out there among the basement dwellers is Pi to infinity decimal points and I love to make you happy. Enjoy.

(Updated to add: thanks for Egotastic super rap-o-phile Alexander W. for pointing out the Jay-Z song being destroyed in this video is correctly titled, I Just Wanna Love U (Give it 2 Me).)

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