Selena Gomez Cleavy Concert Pictures Inspire Egotastic! Raps

Take one Disney starlet diva, turn her 18, and put her out on stage in her sexier and sexier little outfits, and you have the perfect recipe for awesomeness. Or, Selena Gomez cleavage pictures that are going to turn the few remaining Selena-Gomez-is-getting-super-hot holdouts into the must-ogle camp alongside me and most of the rest of the world. It’s like Disney and Nick keep a lock and key on their daughters until these girls bust out, then bust the bust out, and I’m in heaven. These next couple of years watching these teen-TV girls blossom is going to be downright amazing. Hey, Selena Gomez — keep it up! Enjoy.

One Egotastic! fan became so inspired by his lust for Selena Gomez, he put it to rap (and, pretty damn sweet too). Check out, ‘Hey, Selena Gomez’ and listen for the Egotastic! shoutout. Enjoy.