My Rosie Jones Topless Calendar Pictures Disappear in Two Months


All the new, shiny, sexy, 2011 calendars are out in the stores now where I buy my talcum powder and malt liquor, and while I’m looking forward to deciding which new hot celebrity will mark my days in 2011, I can’t help but feel wistful for my super sexy Rosie Jones 2010 topless calendar, now waning in months, but never in awesome boobery, here on my office wall. Oh, Rosie Jones, how your ridiculous fun bags have guided me so through the twenty-ten year. How I’ve looked to your ripe melons for sagely advice and wizened counsel. Your glorious orbs have lifted my spirits when I’m down; your plump nursers helped me focus in my efforts to be a better person. I shall miss you, Rosie Jones 2010 topless wall calendar, but I will never forget what we had together. Enjoy.