Nicole Trunfio Makes You Wish She Was Your First Time (FIRST LOOK MOVIE STILLS)


We haven’t seen much of Aussie super model, Nicole Trunfio, lately. I guess she’s been off filming a thriller pic by director, Eytan Rockaway, called My First Time. (If it was about my first time, it’d be less of a thriller and more of a doleful tearjerker, if you know what I’m saying.) What do I lust most about Nicole Trunfio? Too hard a question. She’s just hot. And, she’s got this ‘it’ factor that tells this wizened old ogler that she’s going places. And when Egotastic! gets some first look stills flashing Nicole Trunfio bare boobs and nipples, we’re going places to. Places that require the lights to be turned off. Enjoy.