Katy Cocktease Cleavage Makes Oktoberfest More Festive (VIDEO)

Katy Perry continued her worldwide tour of cockteasery this weekend in Bavaria, bringing her boobs and legs and surprisingly (and unfortunately) un-auto-tuned voice to the Oktoberfest stage of Wetten Dass?, perhaps my favorite German show of all time. Surely, in liberal Europe, where it takes not but a hint of sunshine to send the German frauleins and hausfraus down to the Costa Brava to whip off their tops and take in the sun, surely there, Katy Cocktease would show some real boobage, right? Nein.

Someday, Katy Perry, your boobs will be ours to ogle in full and glorious fashion. I’m quite certain of it. Just not today. Enjoy.

(Note: the video won’t precisely match the pictures below as it’s just a clip from a much longer television program, but wanted you to see Katy Cocktease in a dirndl)