Katie Holmes Escapes With Plans for Tom's New Underground Bunker

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Sometimes I wonder if my Katie Holmes lust is based around some type of Stockholm Syndrome; that is, the time I drank way too much vodka with a group of Swedish glassblowers in a Göteborg bar and woke up with a very put-out goat in a low-end Stockholm hotel. Probably not related. Still, I find myself searching desperately for signs of hotness life in and around the wife and kidnap victim of Tom Cruise. Seen here absconding with the plans for her husband's underground bunker and Xenu gaming parlor, Katie Holmes pulls off the femme fatale role with sexy aplomb. Someday, when the war is over and Katie is free, I suspect we'll see her in bikinis and panties, but, for now, it's catch as catch can with this Dawson's Creek alum. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame

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