Jessica Lowndes Sexy Santa Pictures for the Very Early Yuletide Win

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I remember being quite frightened of all-things Santa Clause as a child. My fear may have been propelled by our annual Xmas time tradition of letting Uncle Munce, my mom's defrocked priest step-brother get loaded on Sour Mash and don the Kris Kringle costume prior to taking each child on his lap and tickling them lasciviously with his whiskey-stained fake beard. It was years of therapy before I could even say the word, "Munce', let alone ever smell a Christmas fruit log without breaking into a cold sweat.

Jessica Lowndes as St. Nick is a totally different Santa animal. This sexy 90210 minx looks ready to melt the polar ice caps in her October filming of a Christmas-time episode for her teeny-bopper TV show. If Jessica Lowndes comes down my chimney this Christmas dressed like this, she's getting much more than just milk and cookies. Enjoy.

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