Jenn Sterger Topless (Almost Nude), By Popular Demand


Just can’t take it anymore. Jenn Sterger, this poor, serious journalist who wanted nothing more than to cover her beat, and, instead, received photos of the Favre meat, and all you people can think about it — wonder what she looks like naked. Well, thankfully, I was thinking precisely the same. Great oglers do think alike. These Jenn Sterger nude pictures from Playboy do show off the finer journeyman skills of this vaunted sports reporter. Plus, we threw in these sexy Jenn Sterger Maxim photos just to be sure we were covering all her angles, like a good reporter should. Enjoy.

Jenn Sterger, as a journalism major in college, prepping for her professional career:

Jenn Sterger sexy on the pages of Maxim: