Gaby Spanic Topless Pictures Make Me Weep Happy Tears Into My Modesty Pillow


Our tour of the Latin parts of this contiguous land mass we call The Americas (yes, yes, i got that off Wikipedia) continues with a stop in to see one of Spanish languages most famous soap opera stars, Gaby Spanic. Now, if you’re like me, a well-crafted telenovela makes you weep and erect in equal and often awkwardly simultaneous measure. Oh, how I sob like a toddler who just dropped his ice cream cone when yet another abogado or policia falls into a coma, but, oh, how I rise up when the super hot nurse in ridiculously short white dress leans over to take that comatose patient’s pulse. I know, I am disturbed. However, look at these super caliente topless photos of telenovela matriarch, Gaby Spanic, from H magazine, Extremo, and tell me you can’t wait to watch Ariella bitch slap Cochita for all kinds of wrong seducing of her husband. Game on, Gaby Spanic. Disfruta.