Fergie Is Hot and Sexy and Raping Slash in 'Beautiful Dangerous' (VIDEO)

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I do not understand music videos. I think it started after I turned seventeen and became too old for MTV, or maybe just never had the part of my brain working designed to interpret the profound and complex statements poured into pop music videos by thick-glasses-wearing directors from all corners of the globe. Comprehending music videos has now become a chore, like writing a book report on a Melville novel. It's just a big fucking fish, okay, Mr. Chincini?

In this just released music video by music artist and boot-rocking Fergie, the thought-provokingly titled, Beautiful Dangerous, best I can tell it's about a hot chick with an amazing ass and body who lives in a roach-motel and has a thing for original Guns N' Rose axe-man, Slash, so she decides to get into a sexy leather thong, stalk him down, then rape and kill him. We should all be so lucky, right? Here's what I do get -- wow! Fergie looks ridiculously hot in this video. That ass. Damn. Sometimes, I lust her so much I'll put up with the fopppish peas around her, but solo is so much better. Do I understand this music video? No. Am I going to watch it over and over again this weekend? Oh, yes. Enjoy.

Have a great weekend from your friends at Egotastic!

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