Doutzen Kroes Nipple Peek Pictures Provide A Glimpse of Future Baby Mama Hotness


For all my bitching about the impregnation of so many hot Victoria Secret Angels (again, driven mostly by my jealousy of not even asked to be a stand-in-sire), I must admit, this pregnancy phenomenon seems to be opening up a whole new line of hotness for some of the sexiest women on the planet. Case in point, Doutzen Kroes, uber-Dutch sexy bomb in human female form. Seen here in these shots for Elle France, wearing nothing but a thong and a smile (and flashing some nipple), well, I find myself wanting to make child support payments to her unborn offspring. Women do glow when with-child. There’s simply no doubting that. So, while I will continue to pray for the virginity of my Angels, I will no longer weep openly when the bunny dies. Enjoy.

(I just had to add these shots of Doutzen Kroes at the Repeat Cashmere store in Germany. Doutzen Kroes + cashmere = something intense and fetish-fulfilling.)