Capri Anderson Revealed (NSFW Style) As ‘Actress’ in Charlie Sheen’s Hotel Room Blowout (Egotastic! Exclusive from The Superficial)


Well, turns out the woman hiding in the bathroom during the Charlie Sheen coke-and-crazy hotel room marathon was not actually a hooker, she was a mature-themed ‘actress’ by the name of Capri Anderson. (Though at age 22, not so mature herself). Thanks to our friends at The Superficial and ClubCapriAnderson for providing us with the lowdown on the hotel ho’-down and the naked pictures of this lovely young ‘actress’ who got to witness what only like 1,500 women in this world have ever seen before — Charlie Sheen whacked out on drugs, half-naked, breaking shit. Based upon his recent track record of adding weapons to his psychotropic moondances, hard to blame Capri Anderson for locking herself in the bathroom and calling for big dudes with big guns to come save her.

Oh, did we also mention she has sweet boobs and a bodacious body? Hate to lose focus on that key element to this celeb-gone-coke-binging story. And what a shame too. Back in my day, when you had a sexy young adult film star in your hotel room, the only thing you threw out was your back. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out The Superficial for a nice set of sexy lingerie pictures of the young Capri Anderson along with the full scoop on her and Charlie Sheen’s hotel room coke-mance blowout.

See lingerie pictures and read full story on Capri Anderson and Charlie Sheen at The Superficial

Photo credit: ClubCapriAnderson