Brooklyn Decker See-Through Top Outtakes from SI Show Off Boobtastic Awesomeness


(Updated 10/22/10) Sorry folks, but the Brooklyn Decker photos had to be shredded, burned, and then soaked in an acid bath for any remaining evidence of existence. Check out the Brooklyn Decker archive for a bunch of super hot photos of this amazing swimsuit model.

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I’ll never forget where I was when the SI 2010 Swimsuit Edition came out featuring the statuesque and super sexy Brooklyn Decker. No, I wasn’t in the bathroom. That was shortly thereafter. I was grabbing a pita and shawarma super combo with my bookie, Sly-Foot Pete. Sly-Foot was laying out the weekend spreads for me while 100% of my mind and body attention quickly turned to the spread on the inside of SI, with this ridiculously hot mermaid giving me all kinds of awkward convulsions. Well, now we get to see a sample of the some of the not-for-publication photog outtakes from that amazing photoshoot, and, well, it’s been worth the wait. Near on see-through top leading to these Brooklyn Decker near topless pictures revealing some heavenly boobs and glorious nipples to the sun gods. Enjoy.