Ariana Grande Bikini and Upskirt Pictures By Way of Sexy Introduction

Welcome to Egotastic!, Ms. Ariana Grande. Okay, I’ll admit that my lust factor for Victoria Justice these past few days, weeks, months, millennium, has been a bit on the way-past-crazy-stalker stage, albeit, she is ridiculously hot. But I fear in my pursuit of Justice, as it were, I’ve overlooked her completely-hot-in-her-own-right Victorious thespian partner, Ariana Grande. When I saw this sizzling hot bikini picture twitpic sent out by Ariana Grande herself, I knew it was a desperate plea to get a little of that V.J. lust attention. And, so she shall have it going forward, with her introduction into the world’s hottest family. Enjoy.

Well, now that polite introductions are over. Let’s shoutout to Ego-reader ‘Ram’ for catching this Ariana Grande upskirt moment in the middle of Ariana’s acoustic version of Britney Spears musical opus, Hit Me Baby One More Time.

(Seriously, this is a TV teen starlet’s acoustic version of Britney — consider yourself forewarned.)