Adriana Lima Cleavage Pictures Are Bra-Dropping Hotness

I once bought a girlfriend a bra. It did not go well. She asked me how I knew her size. I told her I looked at her other bras. She told me that was creepy. I told her I was just trying to be a good boyfriend. She told me that spending six hours in Victoria’s Secret ogling women in lingerie was not her definition of being a good boyfriend. So, we broke up. She kept the sofa. I kept the bra. Six months later, my new girlfriend found it hanging in my closet and called me creepy. This whole bra business is very complicated.

Though not for Adriana Lima, the bra master. Adriana Lima pretty much wears a bra like no other at this point. I don’t care if it’s two-million dollar number or just the latest off-the-rack boob holder, Adriana Lima puts her amazing fun bags behind the cups with full support and I can not stop ogling. Enjoy.