Taylor Momsen Bra and Panties Pictures from Her Music Video Make Me Wanna Die… Happy (VIDEO)

I’m not sure what it is about this Taylor Momsen emo-goth auto-tuned fiery lingerie musical endeavor that makes me smile, but I can’t wipe this grin from my face. Perhaps it’s knowing how much unnecessary angst runs through the veins of this uber latch-key, precocious teen vamp. She’s angry. So angry. But, you know, when when you’re seventeen, hot bodied, no parents in sight, and you tour the world with your punk band drinking and smoking and partying as you please, well, it’s kind of hard to feel your pity, girlfriend. Still, if all this poor-little-rich-girl struggle produces more of the statuesque Nordic teen in music videos stripping down to her sexy underthings, well, bring on the pity-party, my dear. Enjoy.

Watch the Music Video:

C’mon, Taylor Momsen, let go of the rage!