Selena Gomez All Wet and Sexy in A Year Without Rain (VIDEO)

Well, the video came out for A Year Without Rain. It’s one of those songs that can be, and has been, recorded by anybody and everybody with a pop diva status and a skilled recording engineer. Still, forget the music, Selena Gomez is ridiculously hot! We’ve talked about the Barely Legal Class of 2010, well, the valedictorian of sexiness goes to Selena Gomez. Sure, many close runner-ups, but just look at this sextastic young Latina, finally showing a little cleavage, all wet and emoting. Did I mention that she’s hot? Sure, I have no idea what this song is about, except for the part where she sings, ‘the monsoon is coming‘. That part I definitely understand. Enjoy.

Hot Stills from the Music Video Shoot:

And A Year Without Rain Music Video:

Watch the Music Video: