Larissa Riquelme Nude Pictures En Fuego in 3-D!


Well, just about the hottest thing in this world is saucy Latina model Larissa Riquelme in regular old two dimensions. Add a third dimension and those amazing boobs come right out to give you a lusty hug. Oh, my. Our nerdy IT guy, Bengie, tells me the fourth dimension is time, and since I’ve spent the past five hours with my glasses on ogling these Larissa Riquelme nude pictures, I suppose they really are in 4-D. Bless our friends at Playboy Brazil for these wonderfully sexy and eye-popping pictures of our Paraguayan princesa. Enjoy.

If you still don’t have those 3-D glasses (hint: get some because more and more 3-D content is coming), here’s the super advanced scientific video again on how to make your own simple pair: