Pixie Lott Upskirt Pictures Help Us Say Goodbye to Jenna the Mighty

Welcome to Egotastic!, Pixie Lott, you British teen pop diva sensation, welcome to you and your teal panties. Teal? Bold choices define a woman. We have a little lust thing going for cute and boobtastic Pixie Lott and her panties at this point, so it was time to say hello with these Pixie Lott upskirt pictures from this past weekend.

At the same time, this Pixie Lott panties peek reminds us that we’ve just said goodbye to Jenna the Mighty, our upskirt specialist, here in our office. Almost true story: I took the staff out for a little ‘mega-thank-you’ for all their hard work; so, IHOP, for their $1.99 pancake special. I go big for my peeps. A very swarthy looking waiter approached with our short stacks and immediately eye locked with Jenna the Mighty. It was like a movie moment. His eyes went all Bluto from Popeye with little hearts and all that. In that very instant, he got down on his knees, announced that he was madly in love with Jenna and promised to keep her forever in meat and furs if she would leave with him to his home country to be his bride and make him many babies. And, poof, just like that, one of our sheep had left the flock. We miss you already, Jenna.

Photo credit: Splash News