Malin Akerman Sexy Premiere Pictures Make Me Wonder What Her Boobs Look Like, Hmm (VIDEOS)


Malin Akerman is one of those underrated hotties that you forget about lusting for until they pop up all shimmering and shining and sexy at the latest movie premiere, in this case, for The Romantics. Like a finely brewed spirit, as much as I love seeing the bottle, I must admit that I miss seeing the two reasons I first fell for this comic actress who is never afraid to play the role of the hot funny chick who takes her clothes off. Man, how I admire that sensibility. And how I admire Malin Akerman topless, as in the selection of movie clips below the premiere photos. Enjoy.

Malin Akerman all skirty and sexy at the premiere of The Romantics:

Photo credit: / Fame

Malin Akerman topless in just one of Egotastic’s favorite movies of forever and ever, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle:

The Comeback was short lived on television, but the memory of Malin’s boobs will linger with me for always:

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Finally, the, well, not so good Heartbreak Kid, save for the very funny and very naked Malin Akerman:

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